Who is Matt Kupec?

matt-kupec-unc-1Matt Kupec is a fundraising leader who has an impressive 30+ year career helping nonprofit organizations. He has a remarkable track record of increasing philanthropic support for the organizations and causes he works with, and his development programs have been heralded as among the finest in the nation. His work at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on the Carolina First Campaign was the 5th most successful university campaign ever conducted in United States history, and he’s directed three major fundraising campaigns. Under Matt Kupec’s leadership and direction, nearly $5 billion has been raised for these nonprofits.

Previously in his career, Matt Kupec served as Vice President for Development and Marketing at HelpMeSee, a non profit focused on eradicating preventable blindness by creating resources for cataract treatments. At HelpMeSee, Matt was responsible for building and cultivating the organization’s brand and for running successful fundraising campaigns, both locally and globally.

Prior to HelpMeSee, Matt founded and operated a company called Text2Give, Inc that facilitated mobile fundraising. The idea to harness the power of mobile communications for the purpose of facilitating donor engagement and fundraising for schools, nonprofits, and churches was incredibly important to Matt’s beliefs and ideals. To start this company, he was successfully able to raise $1.8 million in venture capital and helped planted the seed to make Text2Give to be one of the leaders in mobile giving space. Much of this success of course attributed to this tenure as Vice Chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill, where Matt was able to raise nearly $5 billion during tenure.

At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Matt was able to increase the school’s cash flow increased from $62 million to $285 million in 2012, earning UNC twelve CASE (Council for the Support and Advancement of Education) Outstanding Fund Raising Performance awards, the most any university has received in the United States. During his seventeen years tenure as UNC-Chapel Hill, Matt was able raise billions for the university and their students.